Friday, August 30, 2013

Academic VS Character

Weird timing, weird emotions. I don't get why the End of Year Exams have to be so early or why they keep pushing forward. Furthermore, they keep rushing the syllabus and add in new information which makes the students feel overloaded with information digest and memorise. So what do kids deal with this kind of stress? Gadgets. For those who are less rebellious and no one to ask for help, they memorise blindly.. I pity my students but I realized more and more students study without understanding which make studies become so difficult that they rather look for something else. I remember when I was young, I love studying and getting in the knowledge. Because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Things changed.

Saw a stomp post that a mother reprimanded his son in public loudly just to embarrass his son so that he will learn his mistake. This is the worst thing an adult can do to a child because it really hurts the kid. Sometimes, a scar in the heart can be permanent than the physical scar. Trust me, the kid's guilt or demoralized feeling will evolve into hatred toward the mother and the subject itself.

Due to parental stress nowadays, the kids are now far more demanding than the parents which for me, as a conservative person, I think one should never shout at the elders UNLESS they are making a fuss(that's my limit). For the Koreans, I think even if the elders creating unreasonable troubles, juniors are not allowed to retaliate.

No matter what, I always tell my students, results are not the MOST important, what really matter is their character. academic results are important but not the most important in one's life, I repeat. Characters is what that will follow a person throughout the life. And we mold our characters since young until when we become an adult, character become hard to change as we already have a set of values and principles rooted to our powerful subconscious mind. So if we focus on character molding, studying will be easier as we change the way we perceive what is studying all about. It is a training ground to mold a person's perseverance, determination, belief and faith innovative and creative thinking/critical thinking, time management, stress management etc. Results are just a feedback to tell you whether your actions and habits have enhanced your molding of character. BUT HOW CAN A SMALL KIDS KNOW ALL THESE?

However, the contradiction is we don't treat all jobs/careers as same level, there actually has this hidden hierarchy. technicians, plumber, hairstylist, architect, musicians etc . are seen as "not fit to study".

As I think I studied well, but I choose a different pathway. I thanked my parents who didn't pressurized me AT ALL which in turn makes me want to have expectations in myself since young. But something I didn't do well is focus in doing what makes me now.

Had made mistakes in the past 2 years and some mistakes cant be salvaged which I've told myself to let go and look forward to my life. I never want to look back at those bad experience, but it definitely serve a reminder for me even though I was maligned, I guess, this is the consequences to bear for being someone who always keeps things to myself and of cuz not putting enough effort to sustain the relationships.

they will always be in my memory, happy ones of cuz. but i don't think i am able to fill up the cracks in between the walls.

Been so long then I started to blog again. Is a new start to a place where it has been forgotten, i always wanted to go somewhere to start a new. probably here, :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New stuff

Suddenly I felt like changing. Changing the way I handle myself. I do admit I am lazy in terms of dolling up, personal touch up like manicure, pedicure, hair do, make up. But now I felt like doing it. Is it good or bad? Hmmm.. Why I wanted this simply becuz it makes have more confidence. Well I know confidence should cone from inner self and not the decorations that I gave myself. But regardless if is good or bad, as long as it helps me in a long term, then I take it. That's simple. Because I learnt something. There is no good or bad, right or wring in this world, is just how we perceived it.

For instance, if your hamster had a tumor, and it needs a operation which cost $160, the question is, are you going to save it? Well, if you spend the money, it means u are kind. If u leave it to die, it means u are practical. So which is right or wrong?

This happens to me but I did save my Ah B. But I actually got commented for being stupid because $160 can do a lot of things. Probably because it is hamster which is kinda abundant everywhere and is cheap. Imagine u used $160 to save a $20 hamster? Untill here, there will be a lot of debates. Second thing I learnt, not be affected by how others sees you. As long as you know you are doing, what you think you should do and most importantly the decisions you've made help you to progress, do it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Learning experiences

It has been a long time since I last blog. Many things happen and I learnt a lot of stuff. In terms of personal growth and relationship wise. I can't described or explained how I feel now but I can say it really different till the extend that I didn't know I can be like this. We really can control our destiny and make ourselves and even people around us to live better. I getting into bible and really looking forward to keep improving myself.

I onced learnt from my friend, it doesn't how much you earn or how much debts you have, how are you being addressed but rather is the results of the decisions you've made in the past. What we are now are the results of our past decisions. And that's the difference between human and animals. We have the free will to make any decisions. No one can force to do things we or stop us from doing things. It doesn't matter it's right or wrong, but rather it helps you to progress. That's the key thing.

Anyway, I just bought iPhone!!! And the first ever bikini I've.. Wanted to go wild wild wet so much! Lolx.

It doesn't matter how long but you were there for me. Even if I had to be on my own one day, you will still be in my heart. Treasuring what you have is much more meaningful and happier than possession. That's a new thought towards love. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Sometime missing someone can be a torture but it can be a wonderful thing also.Currently I am reading this book called "Unlimited Power" by Anthony Robins and is a pretty good book. Especially when you want to learn to control your mind.

For the past don't know how many years, I lost this "missing someone" feeling and now it came like a silent bell but I am not going to let this feeling control me rather I want to control it. Sometime, it isnt necessary to really see/talk to the person to ease this feeling. my pig sister happen to be opposite. She will turn herself from a pig  to a tiger-like pig if she misses someone too much while I will turn into a immobilized pig who is trying to get itself as busy as possible but it didnt happen today because I have many questions that were not solved yet. Been pondering the whole day and I still get down to nothing. Maybe the time is not right yet.

My 2nd half of the world is a brand new world that I may not know how to handle but Thank god, I had James beside me to help me even though I didn heed much of his advice. I still take up the choice that I want. Maybe it doesnt seems good, but  things are so upredictable that makes nothing is right or wrong. Many times I rather feel I am in the greyish area. So I decided to be like the song lyrics..



丰富的过每一天 快乐的过每一天。


Well, that refers to my point of view to my love life. my future wise, money is still important since I got to look after my family.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Year Cum birthday~

Many things happen and now it seems the cloud has been cleared and now I'm like 'oh like that ah~'. I am exposed to new stuff, new experience, new perspectives, new way of handling stuff.. I feel that I've grown a bit in certain aspect of my life but I still have more to learn. It has been a special year for me for this 2010 and I wish that I can keep progressing throughout the year.

Hope this year is a blissful and successful year for me.

Hi, brothers and sisters, due the the clash with my birthday and new year, I decided to celebrate my birthday at the later part of the month.. Shall plan.

Somehow I feel happiness is around my corner. I am Happy. Well nothing is forever.


Sunday, February 7, 2010


Not sure going to celebrate my birthday because it isi clashed with new year and I got many things or tons of things to do. I hope to have some small gatherings so catch up with my friends instead of a big gatherings..

Well, I wanted to try Korean BBQ restahurants, Not Seoul Garden or those normal one but those with authentic procedures.. Please fill me with ideas if you know anywhere. Thanks!

The following are my wishlist! But I don't expect them as a present, just things I like to have. Some of them I intend to buy for myself also..

  • Canon Camera
  • Paul Smith Rose Perfume
  • KOSE eye concealor
  • KOSE eye shadow purple
  • book vouchers
  • movie vouchers
  • shopping vouchers. especially clothes, food
  • fashion jacket(look smart casual type, black)
  • bag
  • books EXCEPT porn
  • sunflower
*no pendent and necklace from guys, I will reject..

I know is absurd but that's the rule that I set for myself. I will only accept necklace from my BF, so don give me any, I might misunderstood as proposal LOLXX.. Kidding..

I have been wearing my 21st birthday present from my sisters as a permanent necklace, so one day if anyone sees I changed my permanant necklace to something else.. WELL.... haha!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Are all girls like this?

Hmmm have heart to heart talk with Lane and I realised that I actually know nothing. But I was just wondering that do I have to be like this? That is so not myself but in order to make a better choice I got to learn all these?!?!?! Is not that I not willing to learn but I think these thing are too fussy. I just want someone love me sincerely, mentally bonded with me.... Is that so difficult for the fact that GUYS THINK WITH DICKS?????

men are scary for I am too gullible...................

'You need to learn'
'Men are just too scary. Can I just don't give it a damn and be single for life?'
'See! You have given up on yourself''